Wear Them Blues

Be Loud and be Proud!
Wear Them Blues CD Cover
Wear Them Blues CD Cover - (2015) All Rights Reserved - WIBG LLC dba Musty Dungeon Studios - Brian Walton appears courtesy of Sony Records

Be Loud and be Proud!

Created as a jingle for a famous Austin Texas nightclub, Wear Them Blues celebrates the hard-loving, hard-partying women that helped catapult the venue to national recognition in July 2014. The full song was first released in April 2015 as part of the What the Hell album. Like many tracks on the album, it quickly rose in the charts hitting the top 20 for 6 weeks in summer 2015.

For the 2023 re-release, Brian added banjo, fiddle, and dobro tracks to enhance the backwoods, and swampy feel of the song and enlisted long-time cohort Taylor Harris to add depth and feeling to the drums. Second only to Black Widow, Wear Them Blues holds the distinction of being one of Brian’s most prolific recordings having been nominated and/or winning multiple awards for lyrics and composition.

Credit & Liner Notes

Written and composed by Brian Walton. Recorded at Musty Dungeon Studios, Challis Idaho 83226 USA. Distributed by Sony Music. Producer/Engineer: Brian Walton (ASCAP/SGA/SCL/MPA)


  • Brian Walton: Fiddle, Dobro, Banjo, Guitars, Bass and Vocals (courtesy Sony Records)
  • Taylor Harris: Drums (courtesy SOCAN)

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