Black Widow

Appearances may be deceiving...
Black Widow CD Cover
Brian Walton - Black Widow (2023 Release) - Sony Records

Appearances may be deceiving...

Black Widow by Brian Walton is his most prolific composition. First recorded in 2006, it has been featured in countless videos, motion pictures, and television shows. Everyone from Adidas to Warner Brothers has used the song to electrify audiences and energize action scenes. Winning multiple awards for lyrics and composition, Black Widow is one of the most coveted pieces in Hollywood today.

As relevant today as when first recorded, Black Widow consistently holds the top spot on worldwide rock and metal charts first hitting #1 in Europe and Asia in 2007. Recently featured in Disney’s Andor and The Mandolarian, next year (2023) Adidas will feature the song in their worldwide sports line advertising campaign.

Credit & Liner Notes

Written and composed by Brian Walton. Recorded at Capitol Records Studio A 5515 Melrose Avenue. Hollywood, CA 90038 for Musty Dungeon Studios. Distributed by Sony Music. Producer/Engineer: Brian Walton.


  • Brian Walton: Guitars, Bass and Vocals (courtesy Sony Records)
  • Steve Gads: Drums (courtesy Polydor)